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What is HKIArb and when was it founded? 

Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (HKIArb) is a Hong Kong company limited by guarantee established in September 1996. A group of Hong Kong professional people interested in arbitration, mediation and other kinds of dispute resolution got together to form Hong Kong's own arbitration institute. It has charitable status and is non-profit making. 
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Regional Arbitral Institutes Forum (RAIF) Conference
  14 October 2017
HKIArb Associate Entry Course
  2016 July 15 & 16
Talk by Ms Ruth Stackpool-Moore
  2016 March 22
Visit to Taichung/Taipei
  2015 September 3-7
Talk by Mr Iu Ting Kwok, Mr Simon Lee and Ms Sylvia Siu: Consultation on Enactment of Apology Legislation in Hong Kong
  2015 July 29


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For further information relating to dispute resolution in Hong Kong, please contact:     (852) 2525 2381     (852) 2524 2171