Institute Membership

At present, there are two grades of membership, associate and fellow.
How do you become an associate member of HKIArb?
Any person can become an associate member if he or she has:
  1. a recognised professional qualification or a first degree in an arbitration-related field, and can show some arbitration / ADR experience,
  2. or otherwise satisfies the Council that he or she has a sufficient knowledge or experience of arbitration.
  3. Chartered Institute of Arbitrators' Associate status is also recognised.

How do you become a fellow of HKIArb?

  1. An Associate member or any other qualified person who has completed the education and training requirements for Fellowship of the Institute laid down by the Council with substantial working experience involving arbitration/ADR as acceptable to the Council; or
  2. A person holding an arbitration qualification with substantial experience acting as arbitrator as acceptable to the Council.
  3. Chartered Institute of Arbitrators' Fellowship status is also recognized.

The Institute's education and training programme

  1. Entry Courses for associate membership are conducted by the Institute or jointly with Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (East Asia Branch) to allow any person a chance of gaining fundamental knowledge in arbitration law and practice.
  2. Fellowship Assessment Courses are conducted by the Institute to allow associate members or other qualified persons to upgrade his/her knowledge and be admitted to fellow membership.
All applications for membership shall be subject to the approval of the Council which has an absolute discretion.
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