Organisations Worked with the Institute  
The Institute has signed Co-operation Agreements or Memoranda of Understanding with the following organizations for the promotion of arbitration:
Country Name of Organisation Date Signed (dd-mm-yyyy)
PRC 上海仲裁委員會 21-10-2000
PRC 大連仲裁委員會 06-12-2001
PRC 北京仲裁委員會 09-01-1999
PRC 成都仲裁委員會 22-11-2002
PRC 武漢仲裁委員會 02-12-2005
PRC 深圳仲裁委員會 14-09-1999
PRC China Loudei Arbitration Commission 26-12-2003
PRC Chongqing Arbitration Commission 10-12-2001
PRC CIETAC 02-09-1999
PRC Guangzhou Arbitration Commission 06-06-2001
PRC Liaoning Arbitration Institute 14-01-2003
PRC Suzhou Arbitration Commission 13-01-2003
PRC Weihai Arbitration Commission 24-02-2003
PRC Weizhou Arbitration Commission 26-09-2003
Hong Kong City University of Hong Kong, School of Law - Memorandum of Co-operation 10-03-2014
Hong Kong City University of Hong Kong, School of Law 29-06-2011
Hong Kong The Society of Hong Kong Real Estate Agents Ltd 28-09-2001
Hong Kong The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law 14-07-2010
Japan The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association 10-05-1999
Korea The Korean Commercial Arbitration Board 08-01-1999
Macau World Trade Center Macau Arbitration Center 19-09-2006
New Zealand Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand Inc Ongoing
Philippine The Philippine Dispute Resolution Centre Inc 15-11-1999
Singapore The Singapore Institute of Arbitrators 05-05-2006
Taiwan The Commercial Arbitration Association of The Republic of China 26-01-1999

For further information relating to dispute resolution in Hong Kong, please contact:     (852) 2525 2381     (852) 2524 2171